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Zane is a prolific writer, be it textbooks for undergraduate and graduate-level college personnel courses, scholarly articles on human resources, professional articles on employer/employee relations, and even historical novels based on true stories.

Select recent professional articles from Zane are featured on this page, as well as short excerpts from his novels. New articles are added periodically.

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Are the Seven Tests of Just Cause Still Relevant?

Researching the Arbitrator:  The Chicken Noodle Soup Approach.

Pitfalls in Conducting Fact-finding Investigations.

Disciplinary Practices That Really Work.

When Progressive Discipline Should Cease.

Shoes Along the Danube. A short excerpt from the novel. This and other books by T Zane Reeves available through Amazon.com, as well as other sources.

Zane making a presentation.

Zane (second from right) and other members of the Rezler Foundation from the U.S. and Hungary.