T Zane Reeves'  Shoes Along the Danube


...Suddenly he heard movement behind him; a woman's voice whispered, "Good evening, sir, we mean you no harm" Julius could see the silhouettes of two women, standing with arms raised. After his eyes focused, he realized through the faint light that the older woman was moving slowly toward him. As she lowered her arms, Julius noticed yellow threads where a Star of David has been torn from her coat. She touched his arm and said softly, "My name is Margit Hirsch; I am sorry if we startled you. This is my daughter...." The other woman in the shadows interrupted, "Hello Dr. Rezler, it is me Gabriella."

Julius, shocked to hear his name, recognized her voice, "Gabriella, I thought they captured and interrogated you this summer. I am so relieved you are alive. What happened?"

She whispered, "It's a long story. We escaped from the Ghetto and have been living in cellars. Last night, we were supposed to meet several friends at a Swedish safe house when Arrow Cross thugs started chasing us. We barely got away and were hiding here when you came in." Gabriella paused, "We hate to ask, but our lives are in danger..." Julius interrupted, "How can I help?" Marget quickly responded, "Certain foreign diplomats are giving safe passes to Jews under their government's authority to keep them from being deported. Getting a "Schutz-Pass" is our only hope. The Gendarmes and Arrow Cross gangs are killing any Jews without these passes. We know someone at the Office of the Papal Nunzio Rotta who might grant us a Certificate of Protection."

Again, Julius listened closely but said nothing. Gabriella pleaded, "We cannot go to the Nunzio's office because the Arrow Cross thugs could grab us at the door. Could you go for us?" Julius thought about it for a few seconds and realized he could not refuse them. Still, he would be risking his life even more and could not believe his own ears as he said, "Yes, I will go, but I make no promises. I am not a practicing Catholic."

What others are saying....


"Whether you read it because of an interest in the historical aspects of the story or because of the intense drama of the lives of those whose story is told (or for both reasons for that matter), this is simply a beautifully written book that deserves to be read by all."


"I'm a die-hard World War II fan and enjoy any story I can whether on video or in print and this book rates up there among the very best."


"...this is an engaging fact-based story of the strength and resiliency of the human spirit..."


"...the book is non-fiction, but unfolds like a good novel."


"Read it! You will not be disappointed."


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